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Life Style

Life Style

“The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched-they must be felt with the heart.” -Helen Keller

It would be abstruse to define beauty without naming the most beautiful creation in the world. The world is always led by the example that you set for others. Women are undoubtedly the most beautiful and sensible creations in the world. However, it would be difficult to compliment women with something that values their contribution to society. We at RAV truly understand the value of women and appreciate their contributions. Rav Sundara is our way of complimenting womanhood. SUNDARA is a fashion accessory brand in the jewelry collection of RAV Group.

What sets us apart from the rest is our ideology and conception of creating a brand completely dedicated to women. SUNDARA is not just any jewelry brand; rather, it is created by the women, for the women, and promoted by the women. We believe in giving the utmost love, respect, and place to the women they deserve.

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How Sundara is different:

RAV SUNDARA is an initiative by Mrs. Rachna Sisodia, founder, and director of Sundara Jewellery and co-founder and director of RAV Group. RAV SUNDRA is a women-driven organization that provides equal opportunity to women. Jewelry is just the product; however, the idea behind it is to develop and promote women entrepreneurs and leaders in society.

At SUNDARA, we promote the entrepreneurial capabilities of women, giving wings to their dreams, fanning their ambitions, and encouraging and supporting them to become leaders. You could be the brand influencer and take the lead. Host a party, invite your friends, and flaunt your latest collection. That’s it! The simple and unique method of brand promotion requires no vague sales pitch, no stereotyped marketing tactics, and no forced selling. The business model revolves around three things: fashion, fun, and freedom.

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Follow your fashion instincts, and make your own collection. Choose the best that suits you, appeals to you the most, or is in trend. You can be fashionable, pocket-friendly, traditional, or of an experimental nature. Give your fashion sense a new definition and let the world acknowledge it. The vast variety of products, novelty, and beautifully crafted collection do not cause a dent in your pocket; rather, it is something worth trying.

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At SUNDARA, it is more fun and partying than a tedious work schedule. Host a party, invite your friends, and let them appreciate, choose, and shop from your private collection. Let the members and guests enjoy the unique party games and start selling.

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Be your own boss, decide your working hours, work from anywhere, and earn unlimited commissions. That is what we offer to our associates. Time, day, or location cannot be a constraint on your career growth. Lead your life your own way.

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Our Niche

  • Innovative, lucrative, and original designs
  • Trendy and affordable
  • Frequently updating products
  • Made with hypoallergenic material
  • Lead and nickel-free ornaments
  • Lifetime After-Sales Service
  • Minimum service charges
  • Designs inspired by the world’s renowned designers
  • Make in India and Vocal for Local Initiatives
  • 1-year warranty on polish
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Tenacious Leaders

Tenacious Leaders is basically a community of dynamic and successful women of diversified fields. The aim of this community is to create women leaders and provide them ample opportunity to live their dreams. We support, empower, guide, and motivate them so that they can create their own identity.

How we do it:
Our community-based business model revolves around five factors: realization, encouragement, support, patronage, and performance. The community model nurtures, inspires, and empowers women entrepreneurs and leaders.

Realise:Realisation is the very first and crucial step at the beginning of anything. We tend to do something when we realize its value. It is just like an awakening call. You just need to realize your true worth. Today, women are not less than men but ahead in every aspect. However, patriarchal societies seldom value their importance. The equity proportion remains unbalanced, favoring only the counterpart. We at RAV understand the significance of their contribution and thus offer them the opportunity to create their way of life.

Encourage:- Once you realize your worth, the very next step is to craft your niche. Things that you are good at will require no extra effort to transform you. Many a time, we already know what we are up to, and despite our sincere efforts, it is a hard ball to move. We all need some motivation to keep going, and perseverance will bring the desired result in the end.

Support:- Realisation and encouragement alone cannot bring change unless blended with the desired support. It is not just the guidance alone, but the transformation that takes time. We train them and provide career counseling, power dressing, communication, assertiveness, and confidence building as part of building a support system to grow them.

Patronage: In this step, we develop a relationship-based network to support you throughout your life. You get the opportunity to learn from successful business leaders and experts. Business idea generation, testing, improvisation, and making it successful are part of this step.

Perform: Now you are ready to prove your worth to the world. Let’s make it quantifiable. Performance is all about the numbers. It helps to understand whether we are on the right track and should not stray from the league. Guidance and support are always there to help you out in times of need.

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