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What is RAV


Being real is really difficult in business; in fact, making fake promises, making false commitments, and procrastinating are very common. But RAV Group develops total transparency with its stakeholders, be they clients, employees, or partners. Real means no false promises, no false commitments, and no procrastination. And it has proven it over the years.


At RAV, delivering extra is always a bonus factor. The additional services that it offers are value for money, prosperity, the tranquility of life, and above all, personalized professional services through its experts. RAV Group drives home the value of relationships and trust, thus leveraging your importance.


RAV Group values your association because it understands your expectations and the value of your dreams, vision, and time. A commitment must meet expectations and be made on time. RAV Group can proudly declare that it strongly adheres to the Zero Complaint Policy.

Who We Are

RAV Group is the brainchild of Mr. Vikram Singh Shishodiya, the founder and chief managing director, and Mrs. Rachna Sisodiya, the co-founder and president. It is also the parent organisation of different RAV Group companies and ventures such as Real Estate, Construction, IT, Health Care, Wellness, Hospitality, Organics, Media, Social Welfare, Lifestyle, E-commerce, and Merchandise. The corporate journey of the group started way back in 2012, and gradually it kept on adding more feathers to it. Today, the group has successfully marked its presence in different verticals.

RAV Group is a synonym for success. It stands for "real, added value," which means only a realistic approach to the attainment of success. These are the core values that laid the foundation for RAV Group.

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    Proven Track Record
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    Zero Complaint Policy
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    Personalized Customer Service
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    Quality Commitment
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    Professional Team


Real estate is one of the promising sectors that appeal to investors and customers alike. Fortunately, this is one of our strengths, and we are constantly delivering our best services and expertise over the years to our customers. We started our journey by developing

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David Allen Coe once said, "It is not the beauty of the building you should look at; it’s the construction of the foundation that will stand the test of time."

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A fast-paced life brings new challenges to human life. Undoubtedly, most are related to health. A wise man once said, "We become what we eat.’ A healthy lifestyle must be accompanied by healthy food.

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Have you ever been concerned about branding? Or do you always need to put in extra effort to make it salable? Now is the time to put a full stop to your worries. Our expertise, professional service,

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Ordering was never so easy with a dedicated portal and app to serve your needs for personal care, fashion needs, health and wellness, devotional artifacts, jewellery, and much more. Timely updated inventory,

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Our lifestyle represents the things that we value the most. A person is judged by the lifestyle that he leads. Your style is the mark of your presence; let’s make it more vigorous and effective. Bundled of products, no. of varieties, aesthetically designed,

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Hospitality is one of the most promising sectors of every economy. It does not only offer you luxury and tranquillity from your monotonous work life but also gives you the opportunity to spend some quality time for yourself. At RAV Hospitality, we are working hard to redefine the meaning of leisure. We are trying to combine all your needs into a service that will be hard to pass by.

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Life revolves in a circle; what you give to others comes back to you. We are blessed with many pleasantries in life, but some of us are still deprived of them. Mahatma Gandhi said,

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Why Choose Us

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RAV Group has proven over time that when dedication and perfection meet, success is inevitable. Our stakeholder's words are evident enough to validate our point. We have set a benchmark of quality that is hard to pass by. Since 2012-13, we have kept adding new milestones to our journey to success. We are committed to delivering value for money, a customer-centric approach, and well-defined marketing expertise to provide the best services to the customer.
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Our zero-complaint policy proves our dedication to complete customer satisfaction. Years rolled on, and customers' trust in us remained intact. Our marketing strategies and management practices are designed to keep customer satisfaction at the forefront of our minds. We can proudly confirm that we have never received a customer complaint so far.
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The customer varies, and so do their needs. Our customer-tailored approach offers an array of services to meet their requirements and provide them with personalised service. Our team tries to understand the demands of different customers and develop solutions accordingly.
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At RAV Group we strongly advocate the commitment towards quality. We never settle for less and that fosters the foundation of a strong and long-lasting relationship. Our products and services have to undergo rigorous quality checks before finalization and handing over to the customers.


The success of any business lies in the people who actually translate business transactions into reality. We have a dedicated and expert team of professionals who are fully committed to delivering instant and customer-oriented solutions.

What They Say

  • Everyday we continue to ignite the passion in our hearts and spark new ideas in our minds to focus on achieving our goals for the future. RAV is such a platform that will not only ignite your passion but also will provide you with the resources and support necessary to achieve your goal. Under the guidance of the CMD of the company is where I am nurturing myself and polishing my skills. -Tarun Kumar, Asst. Director Sales
  • From the beginning, I aspired to not only hold a reputable business position, but also to be respected in society. I am grateful to be a part of the RAV Group, which has fostered me to new heights through its work culture, ethics, and professional mentoring. RAV is a place where everyone who wants to learn and make their ideas a reality can go. -Rakesh Garg, GM Sales
  • No amount of gratitude I extend to God is enough to express how delighted I am to join the RAV Group. This organization has supplied me with the resources and people that have played a significant role in my career via sheer effort and honesty. I've also been given the opportunity to expand my personal and professional horizons. -Sanjay Chandra, GM Sales