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Real estate project

Real estate is one of the promising sectors that appeals to investors and customers alike. Fortunately, this is one of our strengths, and we have been constantly delivering our best services and expertise over the years to our customers. We started our journey by developing country-side real estate like luxury villas, farmhouses, and other residential projects close to nature that give you higher returns and appreciation. Then we touched on the second phase of developing greenfield cities named "RAV Green City."

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David Allen Coe once said, "It's not the beauty of the building you should look at; it’s the construction of the foundation that will stand the test of time." We truly believe that construction is not merely the beauty and gigantic structure to impress someone, but equally the foundation on which the structure stands. When unmatched structural designs and unparalleled quality standards perfectly blend with uncompromised services, only years of trust and relationships are developed.

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Real estate property
Commercial property


A fast-paced life brings new challenges to human life. Undoubtedly, most are related to health. A wise man once said, "We become what we eat.’ A healthy lifestyle must be accompanied by healthy food. However, most of the foods we consume are non-organic and cultivated using pesticides and chemicals that pose several health-related diseases and ailments.

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Have you ever been concerned about branding? Or do you always need to put in extra effort to make it salable? Now is the time to put a full stop to your worries. Our expertise, professional service, and varied array of creatives are hard to miss.

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RAV Group Media
RAV E - Commerce


Ordering was never so easy with a dedicated portal and app to serve your needs for personal care, fashion needs, health and wellness, devotional artifacts, jewelery, and much more. RAV DOWNLOAD offers you Timely updated inventory, hassle-free ordering, and a variety of products to choose from.

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Our lifestyle represents the things that we value the most. A person is judged by the lifestyle that he leads. Your style is the mark of your presence; let’s make it more vigorous and effective. Bundled of products, no. of varieties, aesthetically designed, and exclusively crafted by the experts to add value to your presence, which is hard to pass by. Let the world be envious of you.

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RAV Fashion & Lifestyle
RAV Group Hospitality


Hospitality is one of the most promising sectors of every economy. It does not only offer you luxury and tranquillity from your monotonous work life but also gives you the opportunity to spend some quality time for yourself. At RAV Hospitality, we are working hard to redefine the meaning of leisure. We are trying to combine all your needs into a service that will be hard to pass by.

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Life revolves in a circle; what you give to others comes back to you. We are blessed with many pleasantries in life, but some of us are still deprived of them. Mahatma Gandhi said, "Be the change you wish to see in society," and we aptly believed in this ideology. We are a non-government and non-profit organisation dedicated to bringing about change in society. We believe in lending a hand to social victims and the underprivileged, developing a cultured and greener society.

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RAV Group Social Welfare