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Is your medical bill eating up all your savings?

Do you often fall ill, or has visiting the doctor become a normal phenomenon? How often are you concerned that you are eating tainted food? You might have noticed that falling ill on and off has become a regular practice. You visit the doctor, but that does not bring any respite for much longer. We often believe that persistent concerns require permanent solutions. Moreover, this is not the end; in a country like India, where the demographic dividend ranks first, meeting food availability is the biggest challenge. Depleting soil fertility due to less crop rotation, excess usage of chemical-based fertilisers, genetically modified seeds and plantations, pesticides, and synthetic-based fertilisers, and malpractice by traders and middlemen are major reasons for health-related ailments. Genetically modified crops are designed primarily to increase the shelf life of food, which is still a mutable topic due to health concerns.

So what is the solution? The solution lies within; going green is the only way to solve this problem. There can be no alternative to organic farming. In a simple way, we can say cultivation through organic inputs like cow dung and green manure is organic farming. It is not just environment-friendly but has many other benefits too.

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The benefits are

  • It is helpful to maintain ecological balance as it keeps the natural nutrients and good bacteria intact.
  • Assures good ROI as local and organic inputs are being used for production.
  • Contains more nutritional value, tastes good, and is suitable for health.
  • Generates income and employment as well.
  • Supports sustainable development
  • Does not require HYR seeds or special techniques.
  • High demand in India and abroad due to the safety of food
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Our Initiative

The RAV Group's conglomerate includes RAV Organics. It was started in 2022 by Mr. Vikram Shishodia. RAV Organics is completely dedicated to providing healthy foods and vegetables to society and increasing the multifaceted benefits to stakeholders. Its Soil to Plate initiative is an organic revolution in the Indian agricultural sector. Its aim is to provide healthy food to the people and also become pioneers in organic farming. The major growth-driven factors like increasing GDP, high employment, greater return on investment, increasing demand, and quality food are making this sector worth considering.

RAV Organics provides you with an opportunity to invest in managed organic farms. Its profit-sharing-based model helps you earn a higher return on investment hassle-free. Its expert team will help you find the perfect land within your budget. Experts will develop the required infrastructure on the land and take care of the daily maintenance of the land.

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  • Income tax Rebate on agricultural earnings
  • Higher Return on Investment
  • Rapidly growing demand for organic food
  • Profit Sharing Model
  • Safest Investment Model
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Our Mission

Our mission is to create a safe environment for the coming generations and promote a greener planet through organic farming.

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Our Vision

We are committed to becoming pioneers in the organic industry, making agriculture a profitable and sustainable sector, and valuing the efforts and contributions of stakeholders.

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The prospect

Organic farming is the need of the hour. The economic survey of 2022–23 shows that there are a total of 4.43 million organic farmers in India. However, the union budget of 2023–24 is devised to help 10 million farmers over the next three years adopt natural farming techniques, which will help organic farming provide organic inputs to the farmers. Similarly, the budget was also provisioned for the establishment of Bhartiya Prakritik Kheti Bio-Input Resource Centres to meet the additional demand for organic fertilisers. Under this scheme, around 10,000 bio-input resource centres are about to be set up, which will create a network of micro-fertilisers and pesticides at the national level. Currently, around 5.91 million hectares of land are being used for organic farming, which is merely 4% of the total net agricultural area, according to the economic survey. The government focuses on promoting organic farming by incentivizing farmers. In a similar fashion, a new scheme, PM-PRANAM (Prime Minister Programme for Restoration, Awareness, Nourishment, and Amelioration), has also been launched to incentivize farmers to reduce the use of chemical-based fertiliser. Under the GOBARdhan scheme (Galvanising Organic Bio-Agro Resource Dhan), 500 new Waste to Wealth plants will be set up for bio-mass collection and producing bio-manure for organic farming. In short, we can say that the future of organic farming is very bright and will assure a greater return to all stakeholders.

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Partnering With Us

Our organic farming enterprise offers two key advantages. ownership and revenue division. Our team will work with you to understand your needs so that you can get the farms you want. Our professionals will prepare the land for production by creating the essential setup there. You will continue to own the business, and you will gain income in addition to ownership. You will receive the land's rental payment as well as a portion of the crop payment. You will become the owner of managed farmland.

The Benefits

  • Wealth creation with recurring income
  • The process will be hassle-free because land and crops will be maintained by professionals.
  • It creates a long-term asset with tax-free earnings.
  • Dual income benefit (rental and crop payment)