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Social Welfare


The RAV Foundation is a ray of hope to many and an inspiration to many. We have set out on a mission to make this world a better place where everyone is free to make their best contribution to this journey. We strongly believe in the ideology of "Vasudhaiv Kutumbkam" and are driven by the principle of Karma, which states that whatever you give to others comes back to you. We are putting our best effort into making this world more peaceful, happy, and sustainable. The joy of giving is at the core of our initiative.

Way back in 2020, the RAV Foundation came into existence. It is a non-governmental organization and an initiative of RAV Group. The sole purpose of social upliftment is to create a greener planet, lend hands in times of need, engage in social welfare activities, and much more. Under the guidance of veteran professional and social activist Mrs. Rachna Sisodia, the foundation has done various social works for society and earned fame in a shorter period.

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Our Mission

"We aim to uplift and empower the weaker section of society and people, lending a hand for social betterment to the people to lead a dignified life regardless of their religion, class, caste, gender, background, and ethnicity. We want to alleviate suffering and work tirelessly towards the sustainable development of society and mankind."

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Our Vision

"To make this world a place where everyone can thrive and be treated equally with compassion and the opportunity to grow Creating a positive change in people’s mindset to help others, share mutual understanding and concern towards education, poverty elevation, community building, treating everyone equally, and bearing a hand during the time of necessity."

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What sets us apart

At the RAV Foundation, we are committed to being transparent, accountable, and efficient toward the success of our mission of bringing smiles to everyone. It is our dedication, hard work, and perseverance that we put forward to deliver our best to society. Following are our ways to make it possible:

  • Community Building:We are committed to building a strong community that always stands by during times of necessity. Compassion for others, sharing mutual concern, and a support system are the core of our ideology.
  • Holistic Approach:Our way of operating is not confined to a particular area, section, or cause. We take a holistic approach to address various social concerns such as domestic violence, giving moral, social, and economic support to the acid victims, healthcare, education, access to clean water, and giving equal opportunities to the underprivileged and deprived.
  • Pooling the resources:Our team consists of experts from different fields of society, like healthcare, education, philanthropy, community development, social work, and young people and women. They lead the ideology and project forward passionately and dedicatedly.
  • Transparency:Dedication toward work, compassion toward society, and transparency toward all stakeholders are ways to generate mutual trust and respect.
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